"Copperhead", from the newly released album!

Reviews of the new self-titled album "Rockwood Ferry" 2013:

"Tenzin Chopak and company come up with another chamber-folk masterpiece, with bass, violins, and banjo weaving an almost mystical spell for Chopak's compelling vocals."  

Jim Catalano - Ithaca Journal

" In this remarkable new musical collaboration, ROCKWOOD lives up to their name and creates a work of strong and potent natural beauty.  Fluid grace, organic swelling ocean waves of sound, gentle harmonies and thoughtful words.  Their collective effort has created something that makes me feel like I'm in a redwood cathedral, or being baptised by a rushing mountain stream.  Something to be appreciated -- and enjoyed."

Tracey Craig of Rootabaga Boogie WITH FM 90.1 Ithaca and WRUR FM 88.5 Rochester

Coming Up:

April 25th
Argos Inn
8 pm 


Music from the ground, for the heart - Rockwood Ferry features the original music of songwriter Tenzin Chopak (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano) expressed through an ensemble of some of the finest musicians from Ithaca, New York including gypsy jazz violin virtuoso Eric Aceto, fretless bassist and multi instrumentalist Rich DePaolo, and drummer Bill King.

Rockwood Ferry speaks with a haunting language of their own yet understood by all, descended from roots, jazz, and progressive folk to communicate the depths and heights of human emotion with tenderness and ferocity.  Chopak's lyrics are a fluid collage of waking dreams painted in the colors of his East Tennessee upbringing and beyond.  The result: passionate and beautiful music let loose with blazing energy.

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