New! Listen to "Stay Close To Me" and "My Love Flows" from a live performance at Homer Center For the Arts in May 2014!

Tenzin Chopak

Rockwood Ferry is the name of singer-songwriter Tenzin Chopak's projects and ensemble.  
Reviewers have referred to his work as "progressive chamber folk", while audiences and critics have praised performances as "incandescent", "mesmerizing", and
"stunningly beautiful". 

Reviews of the new self-titled album "Rockwood Ferry" 2013:

"Tenzin Chopak and company come up with another chamber-folk masterpiece... weaving an almost mystical spell for Chopak's compelling vocals."  

Jim Catalano - Ithaca Journal

"Rockwood Ferry creates a work of strong and potent natural beauty.  Fluid grace, swelling waves of sound, gentle harmonies and thoughtful words... something to be truly appreciated and enjoyed."

Tracey Craig - Rootabaga Boogie


Kate Orne Interviews Tenzin Chopak for Upstate Diary

In late summer, award winning photographer Kate Orne came to interview and photograph Tenzin Chopak in his natural habitat at home in Ithaca, NY for her new online magazine Upstate Diary.  It was a beautiful afternoon and Kate followed Tenzin as he wandered aimlessly around his house as usual playing music on various instruments and petting his cats.  Kate asked Tenzin about his buddhist background, his work with film maker Tom Gilroy, his ensemble Rockwood Ferry and his artistic process.  Check this article (click on picture of Tenzin with cello) and also the other wonderful artists such as Tom Gilroy featured in this amazing first edition of Upstate Diary!  

Tenzin Chopak Collaborates with Film Maker Tom Gilroy

Tenzin Chopak (aka Rockwood Ferry here) had the good fortune to collaborate with film maker Tom Gilroy using extra footage from the feature film The Cold Lands.  Tenzin composed the music and performed it together with Eric Aceto (violin).  Our dear friend Greg McGrath edited the selections from the film and engineered/mixed the recording.  Six other wonderful artists also made short films which can all be found on  Click on the photo below to go to the interview and short film, and check out
The Cold Lands!


Coming Up:

December 19th
Tenzin Chopak with Eric Aceto and Nate Richardson
@ The Deane Center for the Performing Arts
Wellsboro, PA




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